Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hurts The Eyes Maze Optical Illusion Drawn on Ipad2 by Yonatan Frimer - Maze Artist

This maze, was drawn on an iPad2 while on a bus in the northern regions of Israel. As with all Yonatan Frimer mazes, (or most), these mazes begin in the up and left corner and end in the down and right corner. The solution is the result of going from one to the other (no matter if you start at the end or beginning) without crossing the dark portions of the design. The optical illusion of this maze is designed to "hurt the eyes" when the viewer stares at it for too long. This design was drawn a few times for various projects (each one a different maze, of course) but this is the first instance in which it was digitally drawn on a portable device. The alternating patterns of the super-borders gives the aloof feeling that hurts the focal areas of the brain to comply with what the eyes are telling it, hence, the maze is a functional optical illusion.

Can't solve the maze? just follow the link... Solution to Hurts the eyes maze and the NEXT maze The Kangaroo maze, so yeah, click it...

The solution for the previous maze, The falling square dimension maze is below:

Solution to the maze of a falling square dimension is: